22 years of entrepreneurial experience as the founder and managing partner of a small, highly specialized consulting company. 10 years of management and leadership experience in a large public company.


Experience from countless consulting projects as well as from project management and from conducting organizational, marketing and communication tasks.

Graduation in geosciences has taught me combined thinking in space and time. A good prerequisite for recognizing networks and connections in economic and social systems.

Consulting as team performance. My focus: Understand complex issues, initiate and moderate the development of solution concepts, organize and control work processes, summarize and visualize results in a comprehensible way.

Most of the time, I have managed to promote motivation in teams and stimulate people's creativity.

A well-calculated budget is one of the prerequisites for successful projects. Over many years I have learned how to consider imponderables and how to convince clients.

Projects must be navigated through numerous adversities. I am happy to pass on my experience with the introduction and application of controlling and project management systems.