Climate-demographic Window

After a long working life, many people want to enjoy retirement. They want to take care of the house, enjoy hobbies, travelling and grandchildren, and maybe even do some community services. Hopefully, no adverse health issues will impede them from doing so.


However, there are also people of retirement age or just before retirement who are willing and capable to continue to contribute professional qualifications, project, team and life experience to sustainability projects for a limited period of time. It is to such people that I address myself.

Do you feel addressed?

  • Would like to use the experience and qualifications you have acquired to help combat climate change together with young people and to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda?

Please feel free to contact me.

Many of the necessary transformations need to be advanced during the next 10 years. Those are exactly the years in which committed "baby boomers" are still capable enough to contribute with experience and expertise.


That is why I use the term "demographic window".

Temporal correlation of the Keeling curve with the development of the labor force in Germany. The yellow-red section shows how the Keeling curve would realistically have to develop if the Paris 1.5 degree target is to be met.