There are no magic formulas for sustainability. Companies and organizations orient themselves on positive examples, best practices and role models. However, they but must find their own way. Perhaps solutions have already been developed and implementation is stuck. An alleged solution can also turn out to be a dead end from which it is necessary to find a way out.

In case that existing capacities and skills are not sufficient for specific tasks and goals, I can provide support and assistance with an unbiased view from the outside. I can provide time, specialist knowledge, creativity, motivation, and above all more than 30 years of experience within the sector as a founder, entrepreneur, consultant, and manager.  >> Skills

This is no classic consulting, no classic project management, organizational advice, or conflict moderation, no planning service or expert study. To work together, we must run a briefing process to clarify what it's about and how I can help effectively. The result determines the further course of action.