Experience & Expertise

Digitization, demographic change, climate change, water crises and loss of biodiversity require a transformation of the actual economic systems. Huge challenges, but also huge potentials.

Many companies and organizations accept these challenges. Unfortunately, they are not yet enough. The same applies to civil society. I would like to use my "retirement" to raise the above-mentioned potentials and. by doin so, to contribute to the absence of expected collapses in the so-called "business as usual scenario". 

Expertise, creativity, motivation and more than 35 years of experience as a founder, entrepreneur, consultant and executive in the water industry form a good basis for that.

The M.A.R.S. - Mission - on earth!

Many people from the "baby boomer" generation are now or will soon be reaching an age where they can continue to use their experience and knowledge for a while for the good of the world in which their children and grandchildren will live. The non-profit organization M.A.R.S. 2035 is developing opportunities for this.

The acronym stands for Motivate, Adapt, Remove, Stop.

 2035 is - guess what - the year by which we must have "turned the corner."

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