Expererience & Expertise

Knowledge can be stored, experience cannot. Know-ledge outdates quickly, experience matures slowly.

When it comes to current knowledge and new technologies, young professionals are usually more skilled than their elder colleagues. However, older people often have a wealth of experience. Therefore, mixed teams with different skills and experiences can be very successful. One basic requirement should be met in any case: mutual respect.

Conceptual Framework

In the past, people protected themselves from the forces of nature. Today they need to protect nature to preserve their own livelihoods. But they also must do business and maintain a social community. Sustainability is achieved, when these three elements are in balance.

In a globalized world, sustainability must be also thought of as global. A well-conceived concept, globally valid and recognized, is in place for this since 2015: The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. More>

Specific Challenges

There are many specific challenges to achieve the SDG targets. Numerous UN agencies, government institutions, local administrations, companies, and civil society organizations endeavor to address climate protection, climate adaptation and water issues within a framework of programs, projects, and production processes. However, there are always bottlenecks, problems or special tasks that need to be solved. More>

Demographic Window

Are you a committed "baby boomer" still able to perform? Would you like to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs 6, 8 und 13 und 17  with your personal experience and expertise at a professional level? Please click here.