About me

When I'm sixty-four ...

I thought of this Beatles song when I applied for a tax number for EXP-Consult at the tax authority. I was half this age when founding Geo-Infometric, a hydrogeological consultancy in the city of Hildesheim. I wanted to contribute to solving groundwater problems professionally. In an industry that was completely underdeveloped at that time, but had an attractive perspective, this was a promising way of implementing ideas and visions. 32 years later, after rapid growth, adaptation to a heavy recession, M&A processes and an infinite number of projects, many things have been successful, some not. I was privileged to learn a lot from customers, employees, colleagues, superiors, and competitors. Now that future generations are facing enormous challenges, I would like to contribute to their solution with experience and expertise.

Expertise that you don't have yourself is often bought in. Examples are engineering and architecture companies, tax consultants and law firms. Trainers and consultants of all kinds impart very special knowledge. But what about entrepreneurial experience in areas where the most important asset is complex human expertise? With difficult decisions or projects, wouldn't it be helpful to have someone by your side who has experienced similar situations? Someone putting heart, soul and mind into the project.


I wasn't just a founder and entrepreneur. I am also familiar with the role of the employed CEO or the duties of managers. I was a mentor and coach for many employees, taking time to share my experiences and to encourage them to be confident and develop their own concepts.

The slogan of a very large internationally active engineering and consulting company is: “listen, think, deliver”. It describes my working method quite well. Unfortunately, it is already taken.