EXP Consult

EXP: Experience & Expertise

Digitization, demographic change, climate change, water crises and loss of biodiversity require a transformation of the actual economic systems. Huge challenges, but also huge potentials.

Many companies and organizations accept these challenges. However, existing capacities and skills may not be sufficient. I am offering support and assistance with an unbiased view from the outside, time, specialist knowledge, creativity, motivation, and above all more than 30 years of experience as a founder, entrepreneur, consultant, and manager in the sector.

Don’t expect any magic formula. Instead, I support my clients in bringing their own ideas and external requirements together and implementing them into a coherent concept.

Demographic Window

Many “Baby Boomers” are now reaching (or will soon reach) an age at which they could continue to use their experience and knowledge for the good of the world in which their children and grandchildren will be living. Therefore, I invite interested and committed people to contact me to further develop the EXP concept together.